Provillus- A complete formula for preventing female baldness

  • All those gorgeous ladies whose hair start thinning at a young age, dream of a product that could cure their hair problem overnight. We will like to tell them that the product they dream of is actually Provillus.
  • Provillus is that product which helps gorgeous ladies regrow their bouncy hair back in days. Provillus reactivates hair growth in females by regrowing hair follicles in days. The growth and nourishment of hair follicles degrade in some ladies because of female type baldness.


 Why should you prefer Provillus over other hair growth products?

A study conducted by US researchers on female hair problems claims that 70 million women will face hair thinning problem before turning 40. It can be hereditary or because of stress and environmental pollution. Following are some of the reasons why you should prefer Provillus over other hair growth products.

  1. A recent study on Provillus by an independent researcher claims that 90 percent people who used Provillus  said the product doubled the growth of their hair.
  2. The study also claimed that all the 90 percent people who said Provillus worked on them recommended this product to others including friends and relatives.
  3. You can try Provillus for a month and if the results are not up to the mark, the company will return your money.
  4. Provillus contains the only FDA approved ingredient. The ingredient has been found very effective in treating female type bald pattern.
  5. So if you are keen to get back your full luxurious head of hair! Then you should definitely try Provillus.  It will renew your youthful glow and the confidence  in days.
  6. It strengthens and makes hair thicker by increasing its volume and shine.


How Provillus works on your Hair

When a female crosses 30 mark, the production of hair growth hormones decreases rapidly in her body. As her body becomes deficient in melatonin, ceramides and estrogen like hormones, it leads to hair fall. The Role of Provillus is to stimulate the production of these hormones for hair regrowth.  Its powerful and natural ingredients sends much needed nutrients and vitamins to scalp to repair damaged hair follicles.

Some of the ingredients of Provillus are as follows:-

  • Biotin :- Biotin we know is very important for the growth of skin, nails and hair. It provides female body much needed natural hormones to nourish scalp.
  • Magnesium :- One of the most common reasons of female baldness is said to be magnesium deficient. It works in tandem with calcium to support hair growth in females. So if you are witnessing unexpected hair-fall, it may be because of magnesium deficiency.  A study claims that 86% of balding females suffer magnesium deficiency. Provillus is rich in magnesium.
  • Amino acids :- Amino acids have a very important role in delaying aging in ladies. It increases moisture on the scalp and skin, which delays hair greying and loss.
  • Vitamin B6 :- Vitamin B6 has been found effective for hair growth. It enhances protein metabolism in hair follicles to enhance hair growth.

 So take a decision immediately. You should know that 90 percent men prefer woman with Fuller hair


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