Niacin max: Must read before you buy niacin max


 NiacinMax Reviews– Vitamin B3 booster

As reflected in its name NiacinMax is a Vitamin B3 booster. Vitamin B3 is known for increasing the RBC count in the human body. Sufficient RBC count in the blood means maximum oxygen and nutrient supply to muscles. The increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to blood increases body energy. High body energy means less fatigue and less fatigue means super physical performance in every field be it sports or defense.

 It makes your body ideal for the defense job.


 Some more benefits of NiacinMax:-

  • Various studies have proved that NiacinMax boosts hormone level in the body by 600%
  • It speeds up muscle growth by burning body fat. So it gives you an attractive and strong physique in days.
  • Since NiacinMax increases the Oxygen supply to blood, it improves focus and concentration, this is of great help for students and scientists.
  • It boosts confidence of boys and girls when they have to take part in a completion. It enables quicker decisions and faster reactions, so it gives them an edge over fellow competitors.
  • It delivers more than 75mg of Niacin (Vitamin B3) directly into our blood stream. Hence it is considered the fastest acting and a powerful vitamin supplement.
  • The Conventional supplements in the market have very low poor bioavailability. Our bodies are not able to absorb nutrients efficiently. Those supplements had to pass through our digestive system before entering our blood. But this is not in the case of NiacinMax. It uses rapidly dissolving tongue strip infused with liposomal encapsulation technology.
  • Studies have proven that 90% of Niacin Supplements which we consume gets wasted as a small percentage of them manages to reach our blood stream. But in the case of NiacinMax, more than 90% of the product is used by the body, just a small percentage of it may get wasted.


 How NiacinMax works in our body

 As we told above NiacinMax drops nutrients in blood directly, so your digestive system has not too much to do with NiacinMax absorption in the body. Its thin film dissolves under our tongue and then releases 75mg of pure niacin straight into our bloodstream.  This is possible because NiacinMax is protected by liposomes until it reaches to your body cells.  This is the reason why NiacinMax has highest bioavailability value than other Niacin products.  Some studies claim that NiacinMax is 45 times more effective than other vitamin b3 supplements on the market.


  NiacinMax– Properties that make it different than others

  1. You don’t need to dissolve it in water or milk. You can take it directly.
  2. It acts very fast within minutes. So the results are instant.
  3. Per strip NiacinMax contains 75mg Vitamin B3.
  4. The taste is pleasant citrus.
  5. Mild flush with no side effects, hence totally risk free.


 About us

NiacinMax is not just a work of a few days. We spent years together on perfecting its qualities and the proprietary delivery technology. That is the reason why our product is so successful in the market.Our product is cost effective which anyone can afford to buy for boosting vitamin b3 quantity in our body. One NiacinMax strip gives energy equal to 50 ordinary 100mg niacin pills.

67 Day Money Back Guarantee

 If you are still in a dilemma, then try it yourself and see the results. If you are not satisfied with the results, then send us our product back along with its original packaging back to us within 67 days of receiving your order and we’ll give you a full refund, excluding any shipping charges you paid.


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