Follow these 7 steps to fight skin acne during adolescence

Acne is a very common problem in adolescents. Teenagers have to already face a number of struggles, acne exacerbates it more. Though it disappears from the face itself, but it lowers the self-esteem of teens, particularly girls who are more beauty conscious than boys.

Medical Prescriptions don’t cure it completely.It pulls many teens into Frenzy and they are unable to decide how to get rid of it.  Most teens then dream of a magical spell that will make acne disappear overnight. This curiosity to get rid of acne increases stress on their mind.

In this article we will tell you about seven tested and verified home remedies for treating acne. These remedies may not be able to cure your acne overnight. So you need to keep patience for some days till it starts showing impact on your face.

Reduce Toxins


One of the most common reasons behind Acne is Toxins. Toxins are usually discharged by the kidneys and liver from the body, but if their level exceeds in the body, then some portion is expelled through the skin as well.  This is one of the most basic reason of acne on face. Toxins disrupt Skins health integrity which then results in various skin disorders including acne.

The easiest solution to reduce toxins in the body is to stop eating processed foods. These foods contain saturated fats, artificial dies, and high levels of sugar and sodium that seep through the skin.

If you are a parent encourage your kids to eat a whole foods diet and make them drink plenty of water. Water helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Fiber rich diets like vegetables, fruits and whole grains are useful for a healthy digestive system.

Avoid Chemicals and TopicalOils

Cosmetic creams will cause no harm to acne on your face, so encourage your teen sons and daughters to make maximum use of water and natural products.

Skin Cleaning


If Acne is troubling your son or daughter, one of its reasons may be they may not be washing their face regularly. The dirt, oil and bacteria on skin clog pores and choke its breath which then results in exacerbation of acne on face. Advise your wards to wash the face two times a day. Refrain from over washing or scrubbing. Dermatologists say that Scrubbing stimulates sebaceous glands, which increase sebum release. Use a sulfur containing natural soap that is being designed especially for treating face acne.

Avoid Squeezing face skin and pimples


Don’t squeeze or touch face, particularly at the pimple areas. The Dirt or oil on hands increases acne problem. If a pimple break, harmful bacteria enter blemish which increases risk of infection.

Nutritional Supplements

What you eat in a day has a significant influence on your skin health and texture.  Consume more and more vitamins, minerals like Vitamin A, E, and C. Also consume essential fatty acid, Omega 3. It improves the appearance of skin and decreases acne.  Discuss with your physician how much vitamins and minerals your kids need. An excessive or less amount of vitamins can harm the body.

The sources of Vitamin A, C, E and Omega 3 are present in the food we eat at home. Vitamin A is present in Fish Liver oils, animal liver, vegetables.  Vitamin C is commonly found in citrus fruits, berries and vegetables. Vitamin E is present in avocados, dark green leafy vegetables, and cold pressed vegetable oils etc. Omega 3- fatty acids are in Coldwater fish mackerel, salmon and walnuts.

Natural Remedies


Wash your face with a mixture of organic apple cider vinegar and pure water in the ration of 10/1, it balances skin pH to limit bacterial growth. Apply lemon juice on the skin, it also balances the pH level. Honey, we know contains antimicrobial agent. Apply it on the face, it serves as a natural face mask.

Be Patient

Have patience, acne is a common problem during adolescence. If your Son or daughter has acne problem, suggest them some of the remedies we mentioned above to get rid of acne.

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