11 Tested And Verified Breast Size Enhancing Remedies

A woman with small breasts may feel low self-confidence and the moral esteem. The small size of breasts makes her extra conscious and she feels a dip in self-confidence. This causes a stress on her mind which eventually affects her daily life.


The Good news for these women is that they can now increase the size of their breasts and look attractive like any other beautiful woman.

Some women increase their breast size through plastic surgery, but it is then not consideredthe safest and 100% successful method. It poses several health risks to a woman. So we advise you to use simple home remedies to increase breast size naturally.

Some simple home remedies to increase breast size are as follows

Breast Massages



If the size of your breasts is small, A 30 minute massage daily proves helpful in increasing your breast size. This remedy has been tried by millions of women around the globe with successful results. It can increase breast size by one cup in just 30 days.

It increases the blood flow to the breasts, which in turn increases phytoestrogens to breasts. Massaging also increases production of prolactin, which is a breast enlarging hormone.

Daily workout


Some specific exercises can target and increase breast muscles. These exercises increase breast size by a significant size.  These exercises can be done at home.  Some of the breast exercises are as follows

Wall Press exercise

Place your Palms on the wall, and push it, but your elbows shouldn’t bend. Continue this procedure for 10 seconds and then take a break. Repeat the same procedure 20 times in the morning and evening. Hopefully you will see significant result in just few days.

Swinging arms exercise

Standup with arms by your side, swing arms in clockwise direction 15 times.  Take a break of few second and now repeat the same procedure in anti-clock wise direction. Repeat this procedure for about 10 minutes a number of times during the day if you want a significant increase in breast size in a very short time.

 House Hold Chores

Do house chores that require involvement of arms like Grinding. Household chores increase breast size naturally

Consume more Estrogenic Foods

Estrogenic hormone is the key for increasing breast size naturally. So consume more and more estrogen containing foods. Its deficiency in body results in small breast size of some women. Some common sources of estrogen are soy foods, legumes, eggs, sesame seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and   Chicken head soup.

Healthy Fats


Like Estrogenic foods, healthy fats are also important for increasing breast Size. But you have to ensure the quantity does not exceed a certain limit otherwise it can increase body weight and cause other body problems. Some common sources of healthy fats are nuts, olive oil, avocados, and peanut butter etc.

Eat Radish


Radish contains potent astringent properties which have the property of increasing blood flow to breast tissues.  Several studies have confirmed its role in natural breast enhancement in women.  More blood flow to the breasts increases their size in a short time.

Opt For Natural Supplements

Hormonal imbalance in the body can result in small breast size is some ladies. This hormonal imbalance can be encountered by consuming a good amount of vitamins and minerals

Amino Acids

Like Vitamins and minerals, Amino acids are also necessary for breast growth.  Amino acids have a property of burning excess body fat, which prolongs aging. Its properties emulates growth hormone which is essential for breast enlargement.

So take Amino acids regularly, it will increase breast size naturally.

Wear Clothes that enhance breast size


Clothes give shape to your breasts. Some clothes make them look downright flat and some highlight them. Wear those clothes that don’t flatten your chest. Flattening chest reduces breast size. Wear padded bras and clothes, your breasts will look bigger as well as fuller.


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